The Menu

The menu varies according to the time of the year and the availability of the ingredients. We use only local organic and seasonal ingredients.

We serve home made seitan , bread and cakes. moreover we can satisfy any need, even in thecase of people with food intolerances.

We want to point out our favourite dishes: among the appetizers, canapés with shiokombu, with Provençal carrot paté and chestnut paté , and stuffed vol-au vent.

Among the first courses, lasagne with Trevisan radicchio, spelt soup , basmati rice with cashew nuts, our soupes velouteés with seasonal vegetable ; among the second courses , millet, tofu, pies/tarts, with tempeh and vegetables.

And, to finish, our unforgettable desserts: pear pie and chocolate pie with soy cream , which will make you lick your lips, are our favorite .

You should try all of them!